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Social networks are websites or platforms which bring together users in various online communities. Social network websites give users the possibility to interact easily through online bulletin boards, sharing tools, e-mails and instant messaging. They enable communication between people who share common interests while also allowing users to establish a direct contact with a company or a brand.

Social network websites now play an integral part in the way consumers use and browse the Internet. Millions of people worldwide devote a significant amount of time networking, through computers and mobile devices. More than others, some social networks have grown in popularity in a notable way, which drives businesses and individuals to take them into account in their online strategies.

Pinta offers services to businesses who assertively wish to find new conversational and interactional approaches with their clients and industry leaders. We will insure that your business has a valuable place in the social networking area. This will improve your business and make it grow so it can ultimately boost its revenues.

What do we offer?

We offer services on the following most popular social networks:

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